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Fishing Knots

Marinews.com provides platform to learn step by step knot tying technique through largest collection of over 350 animated knots. Get clear animation of Fishing knots, Rope knots and Fishing Baits and Rigging Presentation in different categories through our high definition knots videos. One can search for high definition animated videos for every possible situation for fishing, boating, climbing and other outdoor activities.

items Albright Knot

Albright fishing knot is a quick and...

items Alpine Butterfly Knot

The Alpine Butterfly knot is very...

items Bimini Cats Paw Splice

The Bimini Cat's Paw Splice is a...

items Bimini Twist

The Bimini Twist is one of the better...

items Blood Bight

Regularly used by firefighters,...

items Blood Knot

The Blood Knot is used for joining...

items Braided Snell

The Braided Snell is basically a...

items Cats Paw Variation

The Cat's Paw Variation is a...

items Centauri Knot

The Centauri Knot is a knot every...

items Clinched Half Blood Knot

The Clinched Blood Knot is one of the...

About this section

The most trusted fishing knots tying guide by Andy. More than 350 how to tie animated fishing knots video now available

How to Tie Fishing Knots Animated Videos

In this section we have tried our best to present some how to videos showing how to tie fishing knots. These are animated fishing knots videos that have been developed by top experts of the industry. A good fisherman must know which fishing knot is best for the conditions and how to tie them well. The tips in these illustrations will ensure that you make a strong fishing knot every time so you do not loose the fish. This collection includes many common fishing knots, some of these are very simple fishing knots but extremely reliable at the same time and are considered good fishing knots by fishermen that are quite useful in fishing.

There are many different types of fishing knots illustrated step-by-step so that users can follow them easily and for those who prefers uninterrupted view; we have full running animated fishing knots videos for them. Some of the popular fishing knots are also highlighted separately on the page. We were displaying these fishing knots as fishing knots pdf earlier but on our users demand we converted these to easy fishing knots animated videos. We have received feedback from our users that this has helped them in tying fishing knots easily.